It’s raining cats and dogs: Pet-friendly retirement communities continue to grow!

More retirement communities than ever before are acknowledging the health benefits of companion animals and encouraging residents to own pets, a new report has found.

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute today published a report which looks at regulation and policies in relation to pets and housing.

The report finds that retirement villages in the past were likely to have a ‘no pets allowed’ policy… but that this is changing.

“Retirement villages are increasingly recognising and acknowledging the importance of pets for overall health, for ameliorating loneliness and progressively now even as a determinant as to whether an older person buys into a village or not,” the report finds.

“Older villages are likely to have a no pets policy, but modern new retirement villages generally are accepting of pets, and some are even facilitating pets in the village by helping residents build cat runs or providing dog parks and play equipment.”

Lincoln Place offers  ‘pet friendly ‘ environments in all its communities with plenty of activity space for your pet.


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